31. But whoever of you is obedient to Allâh and His Messenger and does righteous deeds, We shall give her reward twice over and We have prepared for her an honourable provision.

32. O wives of the Prophet! you are like no other women, if you would guard against evil, so be not soft in speech lest he who carries a disease in his heart should feel tempted, and you should speak decent words in a dignified tone.

33. And remain in your houses with grace and dignity (you being the mothers of the believers will not be allowed to merry) and do not show yourselves off as (did the women) in the bygone days of ignorance (who displayed their finery), and observe Prayer, present the Zakât (- the purifying dues) regularly and obey Allâh and His Messenger. Members of the house (of the Prophet of God)! verily, Allâh desires to rid you of (all) uncleanliness and to purify you completely.

34. And keep in mind the Messages of Allâh and the (words of) wisdom which are recited in your homes. Verily, Benign is Allâh, All-Aware.


35. Verily, Allâh has in store protection (from faults) and a great reward for the men and women who submit themselves (to the will of God), and for the men and women who believe, and for the men and women who are obedient to Allâh, and for the men and women who are patiently persevering (in their faith and righteousness,) and for the men and women who are humble (before God) and for the men and women who give alms and for the men and women who fast and for the men and women who guard their chastity, and for the men and women who remember and glorify Allâh (with all His praises) again and again.

36. It does not behove a believing man or a believing woman to exercise an option in their affair after Allâh and His Messenger have decided the matter. Indeed, he who disobeys Allâh and His Messenger surely strays far away in clear error.

37. And (recall the time) when you said to the man (- Zaid son of Hârithah, a slave freed by the Prophet) on whom Allâh had bestowed His favour and whom you also had favoured, `Keep your wife (- Zainab) to yourself (and do not divorce her) and take Allâh as a shield. And you (O Zaid!) conceal (the cause of the failure of the marriage) in your mind, what Allâh is going to bring to light (that the responsibility of the failure rests more upon Zaid than upon Zainab); and you are (also) afraid of the people whereas Allâh has a better right that you should stand in awe of Him.' However when Zaid had done what he intended to do with her (- his wife and dissolved the marriage tie with her), We gave her (- the divorced lady) in marriage to you, so that the believers might incur no blame in (getting married to) the wives of their adopted sons after they had dissolved the marriage tie with them. Indeed, the decree of Allâh is ever executed.

38. No blame shall lie on the Prophet for (doing) that which Allâh has made incumbent upon him. (Such indeed has been) the law of Allâh with regard to those (Prophets) who have passed away. Indeed, the command of Allâh is a decree that is made absolute;

39. Those who deliver the Messages of Allâh and who stand in awe of Him and stand in awe of none except Allâh. And Sufficient is Allâh to take account.

40. Muhammad is no father to any man among you but (he is rather) the Messenger of Allâh and the Seal of the Prophets. Indeed Allâh has full knowledge of all things.


41. Believers! remember Allâh with much remembrance.

42. And glorify Him morning and evening.

43. It is He Who sends (His) blessings on you (and) His angels (pray for you) with the result that He brings you out of (all kinds) of utter darkness and leads you to light. And He is Ever Merciful to the believers.

44. They will be greeted with peace the day they meet Him. And He has an honorous reward in store for them.

45. Prophet! We have sent you to be a Witness, a Bearer of glad tidings and a Warner.

46. And (We have sent you) to be a Summoner to Allâh by His command and to serve as a bright sun which spreads light.

47. And (Prophet!) give the believers glad tidings that there awaits them great grace from Allâh.

48. And do not follow the disbelievers and the hypocrites and overlook their insulting remarks and annoying ways, and put your trust in Allâh, for Sufficient is Allâh as a Disposer of affairs.

49. Believers! when you marry believing women and then divorce them before you have had access to them they are under no obligation to wait for `Iddat (- the prescribed period of waiting) that you count with regard to them (before

they can marry). You had better give them some provision and send them away in a handsome manner.

50. Prophet! We have made lawful to you, your wives whom you have paid their dowers and (similarly) those (wives) whom your right hand owns (after granting them freedom in lieu of their dower in marriage) from among those whom Allâh has given you as gains of war. (And also lawful for the marriage were) the daughters of your paternal uncles and of your paternal aunts, and the daughters of your maternal uncles and of your maternal aunts as have emigrated with you. And (also has been made lawful to the Prophet) any other believing woman who offers herself to the Prophet (for marriage without claiming dower), provided the Prophet (too) desires to wed her. (This is a special permission of marrying more than four wives at a time) only for you to the exclusion of (other) believers in order that there may be no difficulty for you (in explaining the law to the believers). We know what We have enjoined on them (in the Qur'ân) regarding their wives (from among the free women) and also about (their marrying of) those whom their right hands own, in order that there may be no difficulty for you (in explaining the law to them). And Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

51. (Prophet!) You may put aside such of them (- your wives) as you like and you may keep with yourself such of them as you like. (Similarly) no blame shall lie on you if you take back such of them as you desire of those (wives) whom you have had put aside (in the matter) provisionally. It is more likely this should console them and relieve them of their grief; and make everyone of them well-pleased with what you have given them. And Allâh knows best what lies hidden in your hearts. And Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Clement.

52. (Prophet!) you are not allowed (to marry) other woman after this, nor to change them (- your present wives )for other wives however much you may admire their good qualities. Only those (will remain with you) whom your right hand owns (after your having properly and lawfully wedded them). Remember that Allâh is Ever Watchful over everything.


53. Believers! do not enter the houses of the Prophet unless permission (to enter) has been given you for a meal (with him). Moreover do not wait (there) for the meal time. Rather you should come when you are invited, and disperse when you have had your meal, (nor should you stay over) seeking to listen to (idle) conversation. Surely, this behaviour of yours causes inconvenience to the Prophet, and he (being considerate of your feelings) forbears from (saying anything to) you. But Allâh forbears not from (saying) what is true. And when you ask the women for any commodity, ask them from behind a curtain. Such (a conduct) will better ensure the purity of your minds as well as theirs. And it is never proper for you to cause inconvenience to the Messenger of Allâh, nor (is it proper for you) that you should ever marry his wives after him. Indeed (if you do so) it would be a grievous thing in the sight of Allâh.

54. (It makes little difference) whether you do a thing openly or conceal it. Allâh has full knowledge of everything.

55. No blame shall lie on the women (if they appear) before their fathers or their sons or their brothers or their brothers' sons or the sons of their sisters or the womenfolk of their own (category) or those whom their right hands own. And you (all womenfolk) take (each of you) Allâh as a shield. Verily, Allâh is Ever Witness over all things.

56. Verily, Allâh and His angels bless this Prophet. Believers! you (also) invoke Allâh's blessings upon him and salute (him) with the salutation of peace.

57. Verily, those who malign Allâh and His Messenger (and are guilty of false accusation), Allâh has condemned them in this world and in the next and He has prepared a humiliating punishment for them.

58. And those who malign believing men and believing women for no fault of theirs, are guilty of false accusation and bear the burden of flagrant sin.


59. Prophet! tell your wives, your daughters and women of the believers that (while going out of their houses) they should draw lower upon them the portions of their (loose) outer coverings from over their heads on to their bosoms (so as to veil therewith the arms, the neck, the hair and ornaments worn over them). This practice is more likely to help them to be distinguished (from other women who make a display of their beauty and ornamentation) and so saves them from trouble. Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

60. If the hypocrites, those who carry a disease in their hearts and the scandal-mongers (who circulate false rumours to cause agitation) in the city, do not give over (their evil designs and stop their activities), We shall (one day) make you exercise authority over them, then they will not dwell long in this (city) with you (as your neighbours).

61. (They are) bereft of Allâh's grace, and will be held wherever they are found and put to death.

62. Such has been the way of Allâh in the case of those who have gone before and you will find no change in the way of Allâh.

63. People ask you about this (promised) Hour (When the such people will be treated like that). Say, `Allâh alone has the knowledge of it. And what shall make you know that the Hour may be near at hand.

64. Allâh has surely condemned the disbelievers and has a blazing Fire in store for them.

65. They will live long in it. And they will find (therein) no patron nor helper.

66. The day when their leaders are turned over and over into the Fire, they will say, `O would that we had obeyed Allâh! would that we had obeyed the Messenger!'

67. The people (in general) will say, `Our Lord! we obeyed our leaders and our great ones but they led us astray from (Your) path.

68. `Our Lord! give them (their) punishment twice over (for their own evil deeds and for their misleading us), and deprive them totally of your grace.


69. Believers! be not as those who maligned Moses. Indeed Allâh absolved him of their allegations. And he (- Moses) is ever high- honored in the sight of Allâh.

70. Believers! take Allâh as a shield and say the right thing in a straight forward words that hits the mark (and is devoid of hidden meanings).

71. He will set right your actions for you, and protect you against (the consequences of) your sins. And one who obeys Allâh and His Messenger, has of course achieved a great achievement.

72. Verily, We presented the trust (- Our injunctions and laws) to the heavens and the earth and the mountains and they refused to prove false to it, and they were struck with awe of it. On the other hand a human-being has proved false to it (by betraying the trust and violating the Divine commandments), for he could be unjust and is forgetful.

73. With the result that Allâh will punish the hypocritical men and hypocritical women and the polytheistic men and the polytheistic women (who proved false to the trust). Whereas He turns with grace and mercy to the believing men and the believing women. Indeed, Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.





(Revealed before Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Saba').

1. All kind of true and perfect praise is due to Allâh, to Whom belongs whatsoever lies in the heavens and whatsoever lies in the earth. To Him alone shall all praise belong in the Here-after. And He is the All-Wise, the All-Aware.

2. He (- God the Almighty) knows all that goes into the earth and all that comes forth from it, and all that comes down from the heaven and all that goes up to it. And He is the Ever Merciful, the Great Protector.

3. And those who disbelieve say, `The Hour will never come upon us.' Say, `Why not, by my Lord, Who knows the unseen, it is bound to come upon you. Nothing escapes Him (unobserved), not even so much as an atom's weight in the heavens or in the earth, nor is anything there smaller or greater than that (but is recorded) in a book revealing (the truth, and is governed by a plain law).

4. (The Hour shall come) so that He may reward those who believe and do deeds of righteousness. It is they for whom there awaits protection (from the consequences of sin), and honourable and generous provision.

5. But (as to) those who strive hard against Our revelations seeking to frustrate (Our plan), it is they who will suffer a harrowing punishment of the worst sort.

6. Those who have been given knowledge know that whatever has been revealed to you from your Lord is the very lasting truth, and that it guides to the path of (One Who is) the All-Mighty, the Highly Praiseworthy (in His own right).

7. And those who disbelieve say (one to another), `Shall we show you a man who gives you the important news (that) when you are (dead and) broken up into a complete disintegration, you shall then be raised to a new life.

8. `Has he forged a lie in the name of Allâh? Or is he afflicted with madness?' Neither of the two, of course, (is true,) the thing is that those who do not believe in the Hereafter are courting a sure agony and are steeped in a dismal error.

9. Do they not see (how they are surrounded on all sides by) the heaven and the earth that lie before and behind them? If We (so) please, We can make them low (and abased) in the land (and thus show some signs of the earth), or let some portion of the clouds fall down upon them (showing some heavenly signs). Behold! there is a sign in this for every penitent servant (of God).


10. And certainly We bestowed Our (gracious) favours on David. (We said,) `O (you dwellers of the) mountains, obey him.' And (We assigned) the birds and the swift footed horses (their duty); and We made the iron soft and pliant for him.

11. (We said to him,) `Make full length coats of mail (to cover the whole body) forging links of proper measure (for their smooth working).' (And We also said to him and his followers,) `Do righteous deeds. I am a keen Observer of what you do.'

12. And We made such winds serve Solomon the blowing of which in the forenoon (and thus help sailing of his ships) was equal to (a voyage of) a month (by the other ships); similarly its blowing in the afternoon was (also) equal to (a voyage of) a month (by them). And We made a spring of molten copper to flow for him. Also (given into his service were) some of the jinns (- wild and rebellious mountain tribes known as Amalaqites), who worked under him as trained (craftsmen) by the command of his Lord. And (We also told them) whoever of them deviated from and disobeyed Our command (- that they should obey Solomon) We shall make him suffer the agony of burning.

13. Those (jinns -handy craftsmen) made for him (- Solomon) whatever he desired, places for worship and plans and basins (as large) as the tanks and large and heavy cooking pots well-set (on their trivets due to their large size). (And We said,) `Act gratefully, O people of David.' Yet few are My people who are (really) grateful.

14. And when We ordained death for him (- Solomon) the people only came to know of his death through a (worthless) creature of earth (- Solomon's son) that was eating away his (father's) staff (- ruling power and glory). So when it fell down the jinn realized then plainly that had they known the secret (of the hollowness of the kingdom) they would have never remained in (a state of) humiliating torment.

15. There was indeed a great sign for Sheba in their homeland. (They had) two gardens (one) on the right and (one) on the left, (and We had said to them,) `Eat of the provisions (and enjoy the gifts) of your Lord and render Him thanks. (Yours is) a happy and beautiful land and Lord a Great Protector.'

16. But they turned away. Thereupon We sent against them a devastating flood. And We replaced their two (excellent) gardens by two (other) gardens bearing bitter fruit and (containing) Tamarisk and a few nettle shrubs (here and there).

17. That is how We recompensed them because of their ingratitude. It is only the ungrateful whom We recompense (in the like manner).

18. And We had placed between them (- the Shebians) and the towns (of Syria) which We had blessed, (other) towns facing each others and prominently visible, and We had fixed easy (journeying) stages between them. (We said to the people of Sheba), `Journey through them by night and day, safe and secure.'

19. But (due to their ingratitude) they wanted (as if) to say, `Our Lord! make longer the distance between (the stages of) our journeys.' And they did injustice to themselves. So We reduced them to mere legends and We broke them into complete disintegration (and scattered them far and wide). Behold! there are signs in this for all those who are patiently- persevering and highly grateful persons.

20. And Iblîs found that he judged regarding them correctly, (that he would be successful in leading the progeny of Adam astray,) excepting (only) a party of true believers, so (all) the rest of the people followed him;

21. Though he (- Iblîs) had no authority over them (for it is by their own wrong beliefs and evil deeds that humankind brings about their spiritual ruin). (It happened thus) so that We might distinguish those who believed in the Hereafter from those who were suffering from doubts about it. Indeed, your Lord is Watchful over and Preserver of everything.


22. Say, `Call on those whom you take (for gods) besides Allâh. They possess no power not even so much as the weight of an atom in the heavens or in the earth, nor do they share any control over either of them, nor does He receive any support from these (false gods).'

23. No intercession will avail with Him except (for him about) whom He permits (it). (Those for whom the intercession is permitted will keep waiting) until when their hearts are relieved of awe they would ask (one another), `What is it that your Lord said?' Some of them will reply, `(He said) the truth.' And He is the Highest, the Greatest.

24. Say, `Who provides you sustenance from the heavens and the earth?' (Then) tell, `(None other than) Allâh.' Surely, we (- the believers) are on the right guidance, nonetheless you (the disbelievers) are engrossed in evident error.

25. Say, `You will not be called upon to account for our sins, nor shall we be called upon to account for your doings.'

26. Say, `Our Lord will bring us together (in a battle-field as opponents) and then He will judge between us with truth for He alone is the Supreme Judge, the All-Knowing.

27. Say, `Show me those beings whom you number with Him as (His) associates. By no means (should you associate partners with Him) for it is Allâh (alone) Who is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

28. (Prophet!) We have sent you not but towards entire humankind (till the end of time) as a Bearer of glad-tidings and as a Warner but most people do not know (that the Message of Islam is universal and the Qur'ân the last revealed Book).

29. And they say, `Tell us, if you speak the truth when this promise will be (fulfilled).'

30. Say, `For you is the appointment of a day which you cannot delay by a single moment (and thus avoid it), nor shall you be able to go ahead (of it to find an escape from it for a single moment).'


31. And those who disbelieve say, `We will never believe in this Qur'ân nor in (the Books) that preceded it.' Could you but see their condition when the wrongdoers will be made to stand before their Lord, they will be bandying words (and so throwing back the blame) on one another. Those who had been suppressed and made weak will say to those who considered themselves superior, `Had it not been for you we would surely have been believers.'

32. (Thereupon) those who considered themselves superior will say to those who had been suppressed and made weak (in the world), `Was it we who kept you away from (following) the guidance after it had come to you? No, this was not the case. Rather you were guilty in your own right.'

33. And those who were suppressed and made weak (in the world) will say to those who considered themselves superior, `Nay, (We did not become guilty in our own right) rather it was due to your schemes (which you hatched) by day and night (that kept us away from guidance); for then you urged us to disbelieve in Allâh and set up equals with Him (to be worshipped).' And they will not be able to conceal their remorse when they see the punishment; We shall put shackles round the necks of these disbelievers. They will be recompensed only according to their (actual) deeds.

34. We sent no Warner to any town but its corrupted well-to-do people said, `Surely we disbelieve in the Messages that you have been sent with.'

35. And they (also) say, `We are better off in respect of wealth and children (as compared with others) and we are not at all going to be made to suffer.'

36. Say, `Verily, my Lord multiplies the means of livelihood for whom He will and makes them scant (for whom He pleases), but most people do not know (the reason behind).


37. Neither your wealth nor your children are a means that can bring you near to Us in rank. But it is only those who believe and do righteous deeds (whose faith and virtue will be the means to bring them near to Us). They shall have the reward for their (virtuous) deeds many times over and shall be occupying the lofty places with peace and security.

38. But those who strive hard in their opposition to Our Messages seeking to render (Our plan) null and void (and thinking they will escape Us), it is they who will be brought to face punishment.

39. Say, `Surely, my Lord multiplies the means of livelihood for such of His servants as He will and makes them scant for him (whom He pleases). And whatever you spend (in some noble cause) He exceeds it (in giving reward) so as to leave it (- your own contribution) behind; He is the Best of Providers.

40. (Never be oblivious of) the day when He will gather them all together, then He will say to the angels, `Are these the ones who used to worship you?'

41. They will say, `Holy is Your name. It is You Who are our Protector against them, not they. It was not us but the jinns that they worshipped. It was in them that most of them believed (and not in Us).

42. So (it will be said to the false gods and their worshippers,) `This day you have no power to help or harm one another.' And We shall say to the wrongdoers, `Suffer the agony of the Fire which you used to cry lies to.'

43. And when Our clear Messages are recited to them they say, `This fellow is but a man who wishes to keep you away from (worshipping the gods) that your fathers used to worship.' And they say (of the Qur'ân), `This is nothing but a forged lie unprecedent.' And those who disbelieve say regarding this (perfect) truth when it has come to them, `This is nothing but a hoax causing a split (among the people).'

44. Whereas We had given them none of (Our) Books which they studied, nor did We send to them any Warner (in the recent past) before you (that they should have known the abuses involved in forging lies).

45. Their predecessors had also cried lies (to the Prophets of their time). And these (Makkans) have not attained (even) a tenth of that (resources of wealth and strength) which We had given their predecessors, yet they cried lies to My Messages so (let these see) how (terrible) was the change I brought about and how (tremendous) was (the result of)

My disapproval.


46. Say, `I advise you (to do) one thing, (it is) that you keep Allâh (before) you, stand up in twos (- collectively) and ones (- singly) and then ponder (over the teachings of this Prophet). (You will come to the conclusion) that there is no vestige of insanity in (this) companion of yours (- Muhammad). He is only a Warner to you of a great calamity which is impending (over you).

47. Say, `Whatever reward I might have asked of you (for my this exhortation) you can keep it with you. (I claim) my reward only from Allâh for He is the Witness over all things.'

48. Say, `My Lord will do away (with falsehood) by means of the truth. (He is) thoroughly Aware of the hidden realities.'

49. Say, `The perfect truth has come (in Makkah) and (as a prophecy keep it in mind that) falsehood (and idol-worship has gone) never to sprout (again from this soil) and never to return (to it).

50. Say, `If I am lost, it is I who suffer the loss (for my own faults), but if I am rightly guided, it is entirely due to (the truth) that my Lord has revealed to me. Verily, He is All-Hearing, Ever Nigh.

51. And (you will be simply astonished) if you could only see when these (disbelievers) will be in the grip of fear; but then there will be no escape and they will be seized (with punishment) at a place nearby (- at Badr).

52. Then they will say, `We (now) believe in this (- Qur'ân). But how can the attainment (of faith) be possible from a position (of disbelief) so far off,

53. While they had indeed disbelieved in it before this, and they were shooting at the unknown (and making far fetched and useless conjectures about the failure of the Prophet and their own triumph) from a place far off.

54. A barrier has been placed between them and their longings (and they will fail to see the realisation of their hearts desire, the failure of the Prophet in his mission), as was done with the people similar to them before (this). They (too) suffered from disquieting doubts.





(Revealed before Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Fâtir).

1. All kind of true and perfect praise belongs to Allâh, the Originator of the heavens and the earth, Who employs as (His) messengers the angels, having two or three or four pairs of wings (and so possessed of powers, speed and qualities in varying degrees). He adds to the creation (of these wings and thus to the powers and abilities of the angels) as much as He will (in accordance with the importance of the work entrusted to each one of them), for Allâh is Possessor of power over (His) every desired thing.

2. Whatever (blessings of) mercy Allâh showers upon humankind there is none to withhold them. And none can grant that which He withholds after it (has once been withheld by Him). He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

3. Humankind! remember the favour of Allâh that rests upon you. Is there any Creator other than Allâh who provides (all sorts of provisions) for you from the heaven and the earth? There is no other, cannot be and will never be One worthy of worship but He. Whither are you then being led astray?

4. If they cry lies to you (you need not bother because) other Messengers (of God) have already been cried lies to before you. Yet all matters stand referred to Allâh (for His final judgment).

5. Humankind! the promise of Allâh is undoubtedly true, so do not let the present life deceive you, and do not let the avowed seducer seduce you away from Allâh.

6. Surely, satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy. He calls his party only (to follow him) with the result that they become of the inmates of the blazing Fire.

7. There awaits a severe punishment for those who disbelieve. But there awaits His protection and a great reward for those who believe and (also) do deeds of righteousness.


8. Can the person, the evil of whose conduct is made to appear pleasing and regards it as good, (be in a position to discern the truth and so be rightly guided). Allâh forsakes him who wishes to go astray (as it is His law). And He guides (him) aright who wishes (to get right guidance). So do not fret yourself to death because of them. Surely, Allâh knows what they do.

9. And Allâh is He Who sends the winds which raise (vapours in the form of) clouds. (When the clouds rise) We drive them towards a tract of land which has no sign of life and make thereby the barren land fertile, green and flourishing. That is how the quickening (of the dead shall come to pass).

10. Whoever seeks glory (let him turn to God as) all glory belongs to Allâh. All good and pure words (of faith) go up to Him and all the righteous deeds exalt that (faith). As for those who plan evil plots, there awaits them an agony of a severe nature; the evil planning of such is doomed to fail.

11. And Allâh created you out of dust and then from a drop of fluid and then made you pairs (- male and female). And no female conceives (a child) nor does she give birth (to it) but it is in accordance with His (- the Creator's) knowledge. And no one who is granted long life gets his life prolonged or gets it reduced but (all this) is in (conformity with) some law. Verily, it is easy for Allâh (to impose such laws).

12. The two great bodies of water are not alike; this one is palatable, sweet and pleasant to drink while the other is saltish and bitter. Yet (inspite of all this) you take for food fresh and wholesome meat (of fish) from them both; and bring out from them (pearl-like things used in) ornaments for your wear. And you can see the ships cleaving (their way) through it so that you may seek of His bounty (by means of commercial navigation), and so that you may give (Him) thanks.

13. He causes the night to gain on the day and He causes the day to gain on the night and He has harnessed the sun and the moon into service. Each one (of them) will go on moving for a specified term. Such is (the majesty of) Allâh, your Lord! All power belongs to Him. But those whom you call upon apart from Him have no power at all, not even equal to the husk of a date stone.

14. If you pray to them they do not hear your call; and even if they could hear it at all they could make you no response (so as to be of any use to you). And on the Day of Resurrection they will deny that you associated (them as partners with God). And none can inform you (about the all important truth) like (Allâh) Who is All-Aware.


15. MHumankind! it is you who are dependent upon Allâh (for your physical and spiritual needs), but Allâh, He is Self-Sufficient (- independent of all needs), the Praiseworthy (in His Own right).

16. If He please, He may destroy you and replace you with another people;

17. And that is not at all difficult for Allâh (to do so).

18. And no soul that bears (its own) burden (of responsibility) can bear the burden of another. And if a soul heavily laden (with the weight of sins) calls to (be relieved of) its burden, not the least of its burden shall be borne (by the other) even though (it calls its) near kinsman. You can warn only those who hold their Lord in awe in the heart of their hearts and observe Prayer. And one who purifies oneself shall do it only for the good of one's own soul, for to Allâh shall be the eternal return.

19. The blind person and the person who sees are not alike;

20. Nor the thick darkness (of ignorance) and the light (of Islam);

21. Nor the shades (of the Heaven) and the horrid heat (of the Hell-fire).

22. The (spiritually) living and the (spiritually) dead are not alike. Allâh causes to hear whom He will. But you cannot make those hear who are (lying buried) in the graves (of ignorance and prejudice).

23. You are only a Warner.

24. Verily, We have sent you with the lasting truth (as) a Bearer of glad-tidings and (as) a Warner (to them), for there has been no people but have (been warned by) a Warner (from God).

25. And if they cry you lies, (remember) their predecessors (also) cried lies (to their Messengers of God) though their Messengers had brought to them clear proofs, the Scriptures and the illuminating Book.

26. Then I took those who disbelieved to task, then (you saw) how (terrible) was the result of My disapproval (of them, and how tremendous was the change I brought)!


27. Do you not see that Allâh sends down water from above and brings forth therewith fruits of diverse varieties? And there are white and red strata in the mountains. They have various other colours (also) and (some are) jet-black.

28. Likewise there are some (species of) human beings, beasts and cattle of colours varying from one another. Only

those of His servants who are endowed with right knowledge (and who can visualize the unity of the Creator by pondering over the diversity of the Creation) hold Allâh in reverential awe. Mighty is Allâh, Great Protector.

29. Surely, (only) those who follow the Book of Allâh and observe Prayer and spend (for the cause of Allâh) privately and in public out of that which We have provided for them (thereby) hope (to do) a bargain which will never fail.

30. The result of it is that He will give them their full reward (for their righteous deeds) and (even) increase them out of His grace and bounty. Verily, He is Great Protector, Most Appreciating (of their right endeavours and Multiplier of reward).

31. And the perfect Book which We have revealed to you is the lasting truth (itself and contains all that is required). It confirms the truth (of the prophecies about the advent of Islam contained in the revelations) that preceded it. Verily, Allâh is All-Aware of His servants and a keen Observer (of them).

32. We (always) made only those whom We had chosen from among Our servants, the inheritors of (Our) Book. Some of them are (hard upon themselves and so) unjust to their souls (for suppressing their egos sternly). There are others among them who are moderate and are following the middle course. There are yet others among them who, by the leave of Allâh, are foremost in acts of goodness. That indeed is the great distinction.

33. (Their reward will be) Gardens of Eternity; they shall enter them. And there they shall be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls and their robes therein will be (made of) silk.

34. And (there) they will say, `All true and perfect praise belongs to Allâh Who has rid us of all (our) sorrows. Surely, our Lord is Great Protector, Most Appreciating.

35. It is He Who has lodged us in the Lasting Abode by His grace. Herein we know no toil, herein we know no weariness.

36. But as to those who disbelieve, there awaits them the fire of Gehenna. It will not be the end of them so that they might die, (for decree of death would end all their agony) nor shall (some part of) its agony be reduced for them. That is how We requite every ungrateful person.

37. And therein they will clamour for help (saying), `Our Lord, take us out (of Hell) we will do righteous deeds different from those we used to do (in our previous life).' (We shall say to them,) `Did We not give you life long enough so that he who might have liked to take heed could take heed during its course? There came a Warner to you as well. So suffer now (the agony of Hell). There is none to help the wrong doers (here).


38. Verily, Allâh knows the hidden realities of the heavens and the earth. He knows full well the innermost secret of the minds (of the people).

39. It is He Who made you rulers on the earth. So one who chooses to disbelieve now will suffer the consequences of his disbelief. Their faithlessness will win for the disbelievers nothing but increased displeasure of their Lord. Indeed, their faithlessness will only make worse the loss of the disbelievers.

40. Say, `Have you considered regarding your associate-gods whom you call upon apart from Allâh? Show Me then what they have created of the earth. Or have they any partnership in (the creation of) the heavens? Or have We given these (worshippers of false deities) a Book so that they are supported by some clear proofs (mentioned) therein? Nay, not so at all, but (the truth is that) the wrongdoers hold out vain promises one to another only to deceive.

41. Verily, Allâh sustains the heavens and the earth lest they should swerve away from their course. Should they swerve away there is none to uphold them (and save them from destruction) but He. Verily, He is Ever-Forbearing, Great Protector.

42. These people used to swear by Allâh by their most ardent oaths that if ever a Warner should come to them from Allâh they would be more rightly guided than anyone of the nations. But when a Warner did come to them this (coming of his) only increased them in aversion,

43. And made them behave arrogantly on the earth and devise evil schemes; yet evil scheming recoils on none but its authors. They are, then, only waiting that We should follow (the same) practice which We did (in dealing) with the peoples of old. And you will find no change in that law of Allâh, nor will you ever find the law of Allâh shifting from its course.

44. Have they not travelled in the land and seen how (evil) was the end of their predecessors, while those were (a people) superior to and stronger than these in might? There is nothing in the heavens or on the earth that can render void (the plans) of Allâh. Verily, He is Possessor of perfect knowledge, All-Powerful.

45. If Allâh were to take people to task for (every little of) their evil doings He would not leave on the surface of this (earth) a single living creature. But He (out of His all embracing mercy) grants them respite till a stated term. And when their appointed time comes (they come to realise that) Allâh has His servants well under (His) eyes (He deals with them according to the nature of their deeds).



Yâ Sîn

(O Perfect Man!)

(Revealed before Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Yâ Sîn).

1. Yâ Sîn - O perfect man (Muhammad)!

2. I call to witness the perfect Qur'ân full of (convincing proofs and) wisdom.

3. (That) you are indeed one of the Messengers,

4. (Standing) on the right and straight path.

5. (This Qur'ân is) a great revelation sent by the All-Mighty (and) the Ever Merciful (God),

6. So that you may warn the people who are ignorant because their forefathers have not been warned (for a long time).

7. Surely, most of them merit the sentence of Our punishment for they would not believe.

8. Surely, We have put shackles (of customs and prejudices) round their necks and they are (reaching right) up to their chins, so that they have become stiff-necked (due to their pride and false notions of superiority).

9. And We have placed barriers (of their stubbornness rendering them unable to look forward to the bright future of Islam and rise to eminence by accepting it) in front of them, and barriers (of their prejudices) behind them (thus rendering them unable to look back at the doom of those who rejected the truth in the past). Thus We have kept them behind the veil so that they cannot see (so have become totally devoid of spiritual light).

10. And it is all the same to them whether you warn them or do not warn them, they will not believe (for they have deliberately shut their eyes and ears to the truth).

11. You can warn only those who would follow the Reminder (- the Qur'ân) and are full of reverential awe of the Most Gracious (God) in the heart of their hearts. Therefore proclaim to them the glad tidings of protection (from the evil consequences of sins) and an honorable provision (from Us).

12. Surely, it is We alone Who raise the dead to life. And We shall preserve (their noble deeds) which they send forward and their prints (of virtue and knowledge which they leave behind for others to emulate). Every thing We have comprehensively preserved in a clear record.


13. And set forth to them for their good a parable of a people of the town when the Messengers (of God) came to them.

14. (At first) We sent to them two (Messengers, Moses and Jesus) but they cried lies to them. Then We strengthened (Our Apostles) with a third (- the Prophet Muhammad by fulfilling in his person their prophecies about his advent). So they said, (as a general Message to the people), `We have been sent to you (as Messengers by God).'

15. They (- the contemporaries of the Messengers) gave (a general) reply, `You are only human beings like ourselves. The Most Gracious (God) has revealed nothing (to you). You are simply telling lies.'

16. They said, `Our Lord knows that we have been, of course, sent to you,

17. `And our duty is only to convey (the Message) in clear terms.'

18. They (- the people of the town) said, `We augur ill from you (for we are always seize with one calamity or the other after your advent). If you do not give it (- your preaching) over we will certainly excommunicate you and a painful punishment shall befall you at our hands.'

19. They said, `Your ills are of your own making. (Do you say all this) because you have been admonished? Nay, but the real thing is you are a pack of transgressors.'

20. Now, there came a man running from the farthest end of the town. He said, `O my people! follow the Messengers.

21. `Follow those who ask no reward from you and who are following the right path.