Part XXI


45. Recite (preach, follow and meditate on) that which has been revealed to you of the Book (-the Qur'ân) and observe Prayer. Verily, Prayer restrains (the observer) from indecency and abominable things and loathsome deeds and from all that runs counter to reason and moral sense. Yet of all, the greatest thing is that Allâh will remember you and help you rise to eminence. And Allâh knows all that you do.

46. (Believers!) observe all the propriety when you argue with the people of the Scripture; but those who are bent upon behaving unjustly among them do not agree to these principles (so deal with them accordingly). And say (to them), `We believe in all that is revealed to us and in that which has been revealed to you, and our God and your God is One, and to Him we stand resigned.'

47. And for a similar purpose (of confirming and testifying to the truth of all previous Scriptures) have We sent down to you this perfect Book. And those whom We have given (the true knowledge of) the Book (Torah) believe in it and of these (Makkans who possessed no sacred Scriptures before) there are some who believe in it (- the Qur'ân). And it is only the ungrateful (disbelievers) who deny Our revelations deliberately and persistently.

48. (Prophet!) you read no book, nor did you write one with your own hand before this (Qur'ân was revealed). (Had it been so,) those who declare (it) as false could then (have the cause to) entertain some doubts.

49. Nay, (far from being an invention) this (Qur'ân) is full of clear signs in the minds of those who have been given true knowledge. It is only the unjust indeed who deny Our signs deliberately.

50. And they say, `Why have no signs (of punishment) been revealed to him from his Lord?' Say (to them), `The signs are many with Allâh, accordingly I am about to give you plain warning (concerning some of the signs of punishment).'

51. Well, is this (sign of mercy) not enough for them that We have revealed to you this perfect Book which is recited to them. As a matter of fact it comprises mercy (and blessings) and is a means to rise to eminence for the people who would believe.


52. Say, `Sufficient is Allâh as a Witness between me and you. He knows all that lies in the heavens and on the earth. And lost are those who believe in falsehood and disbelieve in Allâh.

53. They demand you to precipitate the (sign of their) punishment. Had not their term been stated (as a respite to mend their evil ways), the punishment would surely have come upon them. It shall come and will befall them unexpectedly and take them unawares.

54. They still demand you to precipitate (their) punishment, while Gehenna will most surely spell the end of these disbelievers.

55. (It shall be) the day when the punishment will overwhelm them from above their heads and (will come upon them) from below their feet. And He will say, `Suffer the consequences of your (evil) deeds.'

56. My believing servants! My earth is indeed vast. You should worship Me and Me alone.

57. Every living being shall encounter death, then you shall be made to return to Us.

58. And those who believe and do deeds of righteousness We shall certainly lodge them in lofty chambers of Paradise. (The Gardens of which are) served with running streams. There they shall abide for ever. The reward of those who take pains (for doing good) is always excellent,

59. Those who patiently persevere and put their trust in their Lord.

60. How many moving creatures there are that do not carry their own sustenance (but do not go without food). It is Allâh Who provides for them and for you. And He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

61. In case you ask them, `Who has created the heavens and the earth and harnessed the sun and the moon (into the service of humankind)?' They will answer, `Allâh.' Then whither are they being turned away (from accepting the truth).

62. Allâh multiplies (the means of) sustenance for such of His servants as He will and makes those (means) scant for whom He will. Verily, Allâh is fully Aware of each and everything.

63. And if you question them, `Who rains water from the clouds and thereby breathes life into the earth after its death (making it fertile and green)?' They will certainly say, `Allâh.' Say, `All sorts of perfect and true praise belongs to Allâh.' Yet most of them do not make use of their understanding.


64. The life of this world is nothing but futile and frivolous and the abode of the Hereafter is the real life (being eternal).

If they but knew (they would have paid heed).

65. And when they board a ship (and find themselves in danger they pray to Allâh with sincere and single-minded faith in Him; but as soon as He lands them safe they begin to associate partners (with Him again),

66. With the result that they show ingratitude for what We have given them and also with the result that they indulge in worldly enjoyment (though only for a short time). But they will soon come to know (the consequences of their conduct).

67. Have the people not seen that We have made the Sanctuary (of Makkah) a place of peace and security while people are carried off (by force) all around them? Do they continue to believe in falsehood and (thus) deny the favour of Allâh?

68. And who is more unjust than he who forges a lie in the name of Allâh or cries lies to the truth when it comes to him. Is not Gehenna a (befitting) resort for such disbelievers.

69. And those who strive hard in Our cause We will certainly guide them in the ways that lead to Us. Verily, Allâh is always with the doers of good.




(The Byzantines)

(Revealed before Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Al-Rûm).

1. Alif Lâm Mîm - I am Allâh, the All- Knowing.

2. The Byzantines have been defeated,

3. In the land nearby (- Syria and Palestine); and they after their defeat shall overpower (their enemies, the Persians)

4. Within three to nine years. The power belongs to Allâh after (their defeat) as (it belonged to Him) before it. And on that day the believers (too) will rejoice

5. Over the victory (given to them) by Allâh. He gives victory to whom He will, and He is the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful.

6. (This is) Allâh's promise. It is far from Allâh to break His promise. Yet most of the people do not know (this).

7. They know only the apparent side of the present life, and they are completely unmindful of the next.

8. Do they never think over in their own minds that Allâh has created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between the two only to suit the requirements of truth and wisdom (and with a definite end in view), but for a stated term (after which the doom must come)? Yet many among the people do not believe in the meeting with their Lord ever.

9. Have they not travelled through the land and seen how (evil) was the end of those who were before them? They (- their predecessors) were superior to them in prowess and strength. They tilled the land (built structures and dug up minerals from it), and populated it more and better than these have populated it. And their Messengers (of God) had come to them with manifest signs (but they denied them and were destroyed). It was indeed far from Allâh to have done injustice to them but they themselves wronged their own souls.

10. Then evil was the end of those who did evil, because they cried lies to the Messages of Allâh and they treated them as something of least importance


11. Allâh originates creation then He keeps on repeating and reproducing it, then to Him shall you be brought back.

12. And on the day when the (promised) Hour (of Reckoning) will arrive those who have cut their ties (with Allâh and were lost in sin) will be confronted with despair.

13. None from among their associate-gods will intercede for them, though they had renounced their faith (in Allâh) because of these gods whom they associated (with Him).

14. And day when the Hour (of Reckoning) will arrive on that day they (the virtuous and the sinful) will be sorted out (into different groups).

15. Then as for those who had believed and done deeds of righteousness, they will be welcomed with all honours and entertained in a stately and delightful Garden.

16. But as for those who had disbelieved and cried lies to Our Messages and the meeting of the Hereafter, it is they

who shall be given over to punishment (lasting long).

17. So glorify Allâh when you enter the evening and when you enter the morning,

18. For to Him belongs all type of perfect and true praise in the heavens and the earth, and (glorify Him) in the afternoon and when you enter upon the hour of noon.

19. Out of the dead He brings forth the living and out of the living He brings forth the dead. And He gives life to the earth (making it look green and flourishing) after its death. That is how you shall be raised (to life from the state of death).


20. And (it is one) of His signs that He created you of dust; and then lo, you are human beings who are spreading (far and wide over the earth).

21. And (it is one) of His signs that He has created spouses for you from your own species that you may find comfort in them. And He has induced mutual love and tenderness between you. Behold! there are signs in this for a people who would reflect.

22. The creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colours are (also some) of His signs. Behold there are sure signs for the learned people in this (unity of humankind and Oneness of the Creator).

23. And among His signs is your sleeping and your seeking of His bounty by night and day. Behold, there are sure signs in this for a people who would listen.

24. And (one) of His signs is that He shows you (the flash of) lightning to create fear (of thunder and storm) and hope (for fruitful rain), and sends down water from the clouds and revives therewith the earth after its death (like barrenness). Behold there are (many) signs in this for a people who make use of their understanding.

25. And (it is one) of His signs that the heavens and the earth stand firm by His command. Then as soon as He calls you forth from the earth by a single call, behold you will come forth all at once and suddenly

26. All those who are in the heavens and the earth belong to Him (and serve Him); all are obedient to Him.

27. It is He Who originates the creation then keeps on repeating and reproducing it. This (work of creation and reproduction) is most easy, for Him. His is the most exalted state (and the noblest attributes) in the heavens and the earth; and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.


28. He sets forth for you an illustration drawn from your own lives. Do any of those whom your right hands own equally share with you that which We have provided you with. It is, however, a fact that you all (the owner and the owned) are equal (partners) in it, so that you take care of them as you take care of your own selves. That is how We explain many of Our Messages to a people who make use of their understanding.

29. Nay, but those who behave unjustly, they pursue their own low desires without (any) knowledge (whatsoever). So who can guide one whom Allâh has adjudged as lost? There will be none to help them.

30. So pay your whole-hearted attention to (the cause of) faith as one devoted (to pure faith), turning away from all that is false. (And follow) the Faith of Allâh (-Islam) to suit the requirements of which He has made the nature of humankind. There can be no change in the nature (of creation) which Allâh has made. That is the right and most perfect Faith, yet most people do not know (it).

31. (Believers! you should all be attentive to Him) turning to Him (in repentance), and take Him as (your) shield (for protection) and observe Prayer and be not of those who associate partners (with Him) -

32. Of those who have split up their faith and have divided themselves into sects so that every party is happy with what they have.

33. When some evil befalls the people they call on their Lord, turning sincerely to Him (in repentance). But no sooner He lets them enjoy mercy from Him than a section of them associate partners with Him (and starts worshipping gods besides Allâh),

34. With the result that they show ingratitude for what We have given them. So (you ungrateful people,) enjoy yourselves (for a while) but shortly you will come to know (the consequences).

35. Have We revealed to them some authoritative proof which speaks (highly in favour) of what they associate with Him?

36. And when We let people enjoy Our mercy they rejoice over it. But no sooner does an evil befall them, because of their own evil deeds, then they grow despondent.

37. Do they not see that Allâh multiplies the means of livelihood for whomsoever He will and makes them scant (for whomsoever He will). Behold there are signs in this for a people who would believe.

38. So present to the near of kin his due, and to the needy and the wayfarer. This is best for those who seek the pleasure

of Allâh, it is they alone who will attain their goal.

39. And that which you lay out as interest and usuary with a view to increase the wealth of the people does not help increase it in the sight of Allâh. But that which you present as Zakât (purifying dues) with a view to seek (thereby) the pleasure of Allâh, it is they (- the regular payers of Zakât) then who will increase (their wealth) many times over.

40. It is Allâh Who has created you, then He provides for you, then He will call you to death, (and) then He will bring you to life. Is there any of your (socalled) associate-gods who can do the least of these things? Holy is He and Highly-Exalted and far above the things they associate (with Him).


41. Disorder and corruption has prevailed on land and sea owing to the evil (deeds) which people have wrought. The result will be that He will make them taste (in this world) the fruit of (some of) their misdeeds so that they may return (to the right path, giving up their evil ways).

42. Say, `Travel all over the earth and behold how (evil) the end of your predecessors was. Most of them were those who assigned associates (with God).'

43. So pay your whole-hearted attention to (the cause of) the right and perfect faith before there comes from Allâh the day for which there will be no averting. On that day they (- the believers and disbelievers) shall split up (into different groups).

44. So that those who disbelieve will pay for their disbelief while those who do righteous deeds will find that they have made provisions for their own good.

45. And so that He will reward those who believe and do deeds of righteousness through His bounty and grace. And He does not love the disbelievers, of course.

46. And (it is one) of His signs that He sends the winds as heralds of glad-tidings. He does it that He may let you enjoy (the blessings of) His mercy and that the ships may sail at His command and that you may seek His bounty and grace and so that you may render ( Him) thanks.

47. Indeed, We have already sent Messengers to their (respective) people before you, and they came to them with clear proofs. Then We punished those who had (denied their Apostles and) cut their ties (with God). And it is of course ever incumbent upon Us to help the believers.

48.It is Allâh alone who sends forth the winds and they raise (the vapours to form) a cloud which He spreads out in the sky as He will and sets it layer upon layer, and you see the rain falling from its midst. And no sooner does He cause it to fall on whom He will of His servants than they are filled with joy,

49. Though shortly before it was sent down upon them they were in a state of despondency.

50. Look, therefore, at the evidences of Allâh's mercy! how He breathes life into the earth (making it green and flourishing) after its (state of) death. Surely, He (it is), the same (God), Who will raise the dead to life (in the Hereafter), for He is the Possessor of power over every desired thing.

51. And if We send (another kind of blasting) wind and they see it turn yellow (for its having taken the form of punishment) they will even after that continue to disbelieve (for their being engrossed in evil doings).

52. And you cannot make the dead hear, nor can you make the deaf hear the call when they retreat turning their backs (on you),

53. Nor can you guide the blind out of their error. You can make only those hear who would believe in Our Messages and submit (to Us).


54. (It is) Allâh alone Who creates you in (a state of) weakness, He then replaces your weakness with strength (of youth) and again (replaces your) strength with weakness and gray hair (of old age). He creates what He will. He is the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful.

55. And on the day when the Hour shall arrive (and the Resurrection takes place) the guilty will swear that they stayed (in the world) for not more than a very brief period. Just as they had been turned away (from the right way so they will be turned away from Allâh's protection on that day).

56. And those who (in their present life) have been given (true) knowledge and the faith will say, `You have indeed stayed (behind) according to the Record of Allâh till the Day of being raised up (to life of the Hereafter). This then is the Day of being raised up (to life) but you did not (care to) know.

57. So on that Day no excuses (in their defence) will avail those who had acted unjustly, nor will they be allowed to approach the threshold (to be admitted into the fold of the near ones of God).

58. We have indeed described for humankind every excellent thing in this Qur'ân; and even if you bring them a sign those who disbelieve would certainly say, `You and your followers are all devotees of falsehood.'

59. That is how Allâh seals the hearts of those who do not (bother to) know (and be guided).

60. Therefore, (Prophet!) have patience and perseverance. Surely, the promise of Allâh (about your victory and the defeat of the disbelievers) is (bound to be) true; so let not those who are not convinced of the truth hold you in light estimation (so as to move you from your stand).




(Revealed before Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Luqmân).

1. Alif Lâm Mîm - I am Allâh the All-Knowing.

2. These are the verses of the perfect Book (which is) full of wisdom.

3. (Promising) a thorough guidance and mercy for the doers of good to others,

4. Those who observe Prayer and present the Zakât (- purifying dues) and who have firm faith in (the requital of) the Hereafter,

5. It is they who follow guidance from their Lord and it is they who shall prosper (in the Hereafter as well as in this world).

6. (On the other hand) there are some people who follow ways of causing diversion (from guidance), with the result that they, in their ignorance, lead (people) astray from Allâh's path and treat it (- Allâh's path) as something of least importance. A humiliating punishment awaits such people.

7. And when Our Messages are recited to such a person he turns his back (upon them) in disdain as though he never heard them (and) as if he were deaf in both ears. So give him the important tiding of a grievous punishment.

8. As for those who believe and do deeds of righteousness they will have Gardens full of delight and bliss (in Paradise).

9. There in they shall live for ever. (This is) a true promise of Allâh. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.

10. He has created the heavens without any such pillars as you can see. And He has placed firm mountains in the earth that it may not quake with you and to provide you food. And He has scattered in it all kinds of creatures and has rained water from the clouds and caused to grow in it (animals and vegetation) of different fine species.

11. So this is Allâh's creation! Now, you show me the things that those (whom you worship as gods) other than Allâh, have created. Nay, but the unjust (who do not believe in One God) are (engrossed) in obvious error.


12. Behold! We bestowed wisdom on Luqmân and said, `Give thanks to Allâh, for he who gives thanks does it only for his own good; and he who shows ingratitude (should know that) Allâh (needs no gratitude, He) is Self- Sufficient, Praiseworthy (in His own right).

13. And (recall the time) when Luqmân admonished his son and said, `My dear son! associate no partners with Allâh, surely this (act of) associating partners (with Him) is a grievous wrong.

14. `And (Allâh says), "We have enjoined on every human being concerning his parents (to be good to them). His mother is worn and wasted in bearing him and it takes her two years to wean him. And give thanks to Me and to your parents. To Me shall be the (ultimate) return (of you all).

15. "But if they (-the parents) impose upon you to set up equals with Me, the things that you know to be nothing at all, do not obey them (so far as this wish of theirs is concerned). Yet keep company with them showing uniform courtesy, love and kindness to them in (all) worldly affairs. But (in spiritual matters) follow the way of one who turns to Me (in obedience and repentance). Then to Me will be the ultimate return of you all and I shall inform you all about your deeds".'

16. (Luqmân continued,) `My dear son! even if it (-the deed, good or bad) be as little as the weight of a grain of a mustard seed and even though it be hidden in (the hard layers of) a rock or in (the lofty heights of) the heavens or in (the dark womb of) the earth, Allâh is sure to bring it (to light and take an account of it). Verily, Allâh is the Knower of all subtleties (and all hidden secrets) and is All-Aware.

17. `My dear son! observe the prayer and enjoin what is good and just and forbid what is evil and wrong and endure with fortitude what befalls you. Verily, all these are matters (which stand in need) of strong resolve.

18. `And do not turn your face away from people in scorn and pride, nor walk about on the earth haughtily. Surely, Allâh does not love any self-conceited boaster.

19. `Rather walk with modest pace and talk in soft gentle tone. Surely, the most repugnant of voices is the braying of the donkey.'


20. Do you not see how Allâh has made subservient to you all that is in the heavens and all that is on the earth and lavished upon you His blessings (both) visible and invisible? Still there are some among humankind who argue about Allâh though they have no knowledge, no guidance and no illuminating Book.

21. And when it is said to them, `Follow that which Allâh has revealed.' They say, `We would rather follow that which we found our fore- fathers following.' (Would they do so) even though satan was inviting them (by that means) to the punishment of the flaming Fire?

22. And he who resigns himself wholly and solely to the will of Allâh and is a doer of good to others has indeed a hold on a support, firm and strong. And the end of all matters rests with Allâh (Who causes their results).

23. And as for him who disbelieves, let not his disbelief grieve you. To Us is their return (in the long run); We shall inform them all that they did. Verily, Allâh knows full well the innermost (thoughts) of their minds.

24. We shall let them enjoy (the worldly provisions) for a short while, then We shall drive them helplessly to a severe punishment.

25. And if you ask them, `Who has created the heavens and the earth?' They will certainly answer, `Allâh.' Say, `All type of perfect and true praise belongs to Allâh!' But most of them do not know (the meanings implied in it).

26. All that lies in the heavens and the earth belongs to Allâh. Verily, Allâh is Self- Sufficient, and is Praiseworthy (in His own right).

27. And if all the trees on the earth were to be pens and the vast ocean (be full of ink) and besides that many (more) such oceans to replenish it (and were to supply ink to write the words of God) even then the words of Allâh would not be finished. Verily, Allâh is All-Mighty, All-Wise.

28. The creation of you all and your resurrection (for Him) are only like (the creation and resurrection of) one single soul; (all human beings are subject to the same laws of God). Verily, Allâh is All-Hearing, All-Seeing.

29. Do you not see that Allâh makes the night gain on the day and makes the day gain on the night and He has harnessed the sun and the moon (into the service of humankind) each one of them pursuing its course for a stated term? And (do you not see) that Allâh is Well-Aware of your deeds?

30. All this is (going on) because Allâh alone is the Ultimate Truth and because all that they call upon beside Him are false (gods) and because Allâh alone is the Most Exalted, the Incomparably Great.


31. Do you not see that the ships sail through the sea carrying bounty by the favour of Allâh. (He has ordained it so) that He may show some of His signs to you. Surely, in this are important signs for every patiently persevering and grateful person.

32. And when a huge wave covers (the sailors) like (so many) canopies, they call upon Allâh bearing sincere faith in Him. But when He brings them safe to land then (only) some of them keep to the right course (and some of them become indifferent). Yet none denies Our signs except every perfidious ungrateful person.

33. People! take your Lord as a shield and guard against the day when a father will be of no avail to his son, nor will (any of) the offspring be availing his father. Allâh's promise (about the coming of that day) is true indeed. Therefore,do not let the present life beguile you, nor let an arch-deceiver entice you away from Allâh.

34. Verily, Allâh alone has the knowledge of the Hour (of Resurrection). He sends down the rain. And He knows what the wombs contain. And nobody knows what he will accomplish on the morrow. And nobody knows the land where he will die. Verily, Allâh (alone) is the All-Knowing, All-Aware.




(The Prostration)

(Revealed before Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious, the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Al-Sajdah).

1. Alif Lâm Mîm - I am Allâh, the All- Knowing.

2. This Book (-the Qur'ân) which is wanting in naught, containing nothing doubtful, disturbing and there is no false charge in it, has been revealed by the Lord of the worlds.

3. Do the people say, `He has invented it?' It is not so; it is the truth from your Lord. It has been revealed that you may warn the people to whom no Warner before you (for a long long time) has come so that they may receive guidance.

4. Allâh is He Who created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between the two in six aeons. Again (listen to another great truth,) He is firmly settled on the Throne (of sovereignty). You have no real patron nor an intercessor beside Him; will you take no heed then?

5. He plans the scheme from the heaven (and sends it) to the earth, then it shall ascend to Him in (the course of) a day the duration of which is a thousand years according to your computation (in this world).

6. Such is He Who knows the hidden reality and the obvious, the All-Mighty, the Ever Merciful,

7. Who made perfectly well all that He created. And He originated the creation of a human being from clay.

8. Then He created his seed from an extract of an insignificant fluid (derived by his consuming food produced from clay or soil).

9. Then He endowed him with perfect faculties (of head and heart in accordance with what he is meant to be) and breathed into him of His spirit (thus made him the recipient of the Divine word). And He has given you hearing, eyes and hearts. Yet little are the thanks you give.

10. And they say, `Shall we really be (raised to life as) a new creation when we are lost in the earth (after being buried in it)?' The truth is that they are disbelievers in the meeting with their Lord (that is why they are talking like this).

11. Say, `The angel of death who has been put in charge of you will carry your soul off, then to your Lord you will be made to return.'


12. Could you but see (their state) when the guilty will be (standing) before their Lord with their heads hanging down (and saying), `Our Lord! we have seen and we have heard. So send us back (to worldly life), we will act righteously, for (now) we are convinced (of the truth about the Hereafter).'

13. Had We (enforced) Our will We would have (already) given every soul its (appropriate) guidance. But (as it is) the word from Me has come true (that) I will surely fill Gehenna with some of the jinn (- houghty) and (ordinary) men, all (the erring ones) together.

14. So suffer (the punishment for your evil deeds). Since you had given up (the idea of) the meeting of this day of yours so We too have forsaken you (now). Suffer therefore the long-lasting punishment because of the misdeeds you used to do.

15. Only those believe in Our revelations who, when they are reminded by means of them, fall down prostrate and proclaim the (divine) glory with the praises of their Lord and they are not proud.


16. (While getting up for late-night, Tahajjud Prayer) they forsake (their comfortable) beds calling upon their Lord with an awe-inspired and hopeful state of mind. And they spend out of that which We have provided them.

17. And no soul knows what (comforts) lie hidden for them (-the believers in the form) of a joy to the eyes as a reward for their righteous deeds.

18. What! can one who has been a believer (be treated) like one who has been a disobedient sinner. They cannot be alike.

19. There awaits those who believe and do deeds of righteousness Gardens of Eternal Abode in hospitality in return

for their good deeds.

20. But as for them who show disobedience their abode will be the Fire. Every time they try to get out of it they shall be hurled back into it and it shall be said to them, `Suffer the torment of the Fire which you used to cry lies to.'

21. And of course We will let them suffer the minor and nearer punishment before the greater punishment befalls them so that they may turn to Us (in repentance).

22. And who is more unjust than the person who is reminded through the Messages of his Lord; yet he turns away from them? We will surely punish such of those who have severed their ties (with God).


23. And We gave Moses the Scripture, therefore (Prophet!) have no doubt about receiving a similar perfect Book (yourself). And We made that (Torah a source of) guidance for the Children of Israel.

24. So long as they remained steadfast We raised leaders from among them. They guided (the people) by Our command; and the people had firm faith in Our signs.

25. And your Lord is One Who on the Day of Resurrection will judge between them concerning every issue over which they used to disagree;

26. Does this (fact) provide them no guidance that We destroyed many a generation in whose (ruined) dwelling places they (now) walk about? There are sure signs in all this. Will they not then listen (and pay heed).

27. Have they never seen (the sight) how We convey water to the barren land and produce thereby the crop of which they and their cattle eat? Will they not then see (and understand)?

28. And they say, `If you speak the truth tell us when this victory (of yours) will come.'

29. Say, `Those who have denied (the truth), their believing on the day of victory will not help them, nor shall they be given respite (to accept the true faith).'

30. So turn aside from them and wait. They are also waiting.




(The Confederates)

(Revealed after Hijrah)

With the name of Allâh,

the Most Gracious the Ever Merciful

(I commence to read Sûrah Al-Ahzâb).

1. O you Prophet!, take Allâh as a shield (seeking protection in Him) and do not follow (the wishes of) the disbelievers and the hypocrites. Verily, Allâh is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

2. And follow that which is revealed to you from your Lord. Verily, Allâh is Well Aware of what you people do.

3. And put your trust in Allâh. Allâh is sufficient as a Disposer of affairs.

4. Allâh has not placed two hearts in the bosom of any man, nor does He regard as your mothers those of your wives whom you desert by (Zihâr) calling them as such, nor does He regard those whom you adopt as your children as your own (real) children. These are mere words that you speak; but Allâh declares the truth and He guides to the (straight) path.

5. Call them (- the adopted ones) after (the names of) their (real) fathers. This is more just and equitable in the sight of Allâh. But if you do not know (the names of) their fathers then (they are) your brothers-in-faith and your friends or wards. And no blame shall lie on you with regard to any mistake you may have unintentionally made (before) in such a case. But (you are accountable for) that which you wilfully and premeditatingly do. And Allâh is Great Protector, Ever Merciful.

6. The Prophet has a better claim on the believers than (that) they even have on themselves. (Not only that) his wives are (as) mothers to them. (But in the matters of inheritance) the blood relations are nearer one to another (and more deserving to get the heritage) in (accordance with) the Law of Allâh than the other believers (from among the Ansâr) as well as the immigrants (-Muhâjirs whom the Ansâr took as brothers and united with themselves). Yet you can do an act of kindness (to do honourable favour) to your friends. This is also laid down in the Book of Law.

7. And (recall the time) when We made a covenant with the Prophets and We made it with you, and with Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, son of Mary; and We made a solemn covenant with them.

8. (The Lord did it) so that He may let the truthful give expression to their truthfulness (-whether they were true to their covenant). And (whereas He will reward the true believers); He has in store a woeful punishment for the disbelievers.


9. Believers! remember how Allâh favoured you when (the combined) forces (of the Quraish and their allies) came against you (in the Battle of Ahzâb) and We sent against them (the forces of nature) a strong wind and hosts (of angels) that you could not see. And Allâh is ever a close observer of your (painstaking efforts and toilsome) deeds.

10. (Recall how He favoured you) when they (-your enemies) invaded you (at Madînah) from above you (from the highlands on the east) and from below you (-from the valley to the west) and when (your) eyes were dazed (in terror) and your hearts rose up to (your) throats while (some of) you entertained diverse thoughts about Allâh.

11. That was the time when the believers were put to hard trial and were violently shaken.

12. (Recall the time,) when the hypocrites and those who carried a (spiritual) disease in their hearts said, `Allâh and His Messenger only made us a false and delusive promise (of victory).

13. And (recall) when a party of them (also) said, `O people of Yathrib (- Madînah)! you can put up no stand (in the face of the enemy); you had better go back (to your homes or your old faith to save your lives). And a section of them asked the Prophet for leave saying, `Surely, our homes are lying exposed (to danger) whereas they were not actually lying exposed, but they only sought to flee (from the battlefield).

14. And if entry (of the enemy-forces) were effected (in the town of Madînah) against them from its diverse quarters and then they were incited to (treachery and) join in the disturbance (against the Companions) they would have readily gone for it. But (afterwards as it happened) they could not stay there (in their so called undefended houses) but a little while.

15. And previous to that they had made a covenant with Allâh that they would not turn (their) backs. And a covenant (made) with Allâh will have to be answered for.

16. Say, `It would be of no avail to you if you flee from death or the battlefield and in case you do, you will not (be allowed to) enjoy yourselves but for a short while.

17. Who will save you from (the punishment of) Allâh if it be His will to do you some harm or (who will withhold His favour from you) if it be His will to show you mercy? And they will not find apart from Allâh a patron or a helper for them.

18. Verily, Allâh knows those of you who turn others away (from fighting in the cause of Allâh), and (He knows) also those (of you) who say to their brethren, `Come to us (to follow the right course).' But they themselves seldom join the fight (in the cause of Allâh),

19. They are niggardly (having no desire) to help you. But when danger is in sight you can see them looking towards you, their eyes rolling like (the eyes of) one who swoons due to (the agony of) death. But when (the time of) danger passes away they lash you (tauntingly) with the sharp (edges of their) tongues being niggardly of any good (coming to your way). These people have never, infact, believed (sincerely), so Allâh has rendered void all their activities (against Islam). And (doing) that is always an easy thing for Allâh.

20. They (still) think that the (invading) confederates have not yet withdrawn. Should the confederates come (again) they would wish to be (desert dwellers) among the bedouins in the desert asking for news about you (whether you were safe or destroyed). And had they been among you they would not have fought (along with you), save a few.


21. Certainly, you have an excellent model in the Messenger of Allâh for one who hopes (to meet) Allâh and the Last Day and who remembers Allâh again and again.

22. And as soon as the believers saw (the troops of) the confederates they said, `This is what Allâh and His Messenger promised us (about the defeat and discomfiture of the hosts of disbelievers and eventual victory of Islam); and Allâh and His Messenger spoke the truth. Look! this (entire episode) made them all the more faithful and obedient (to God).

23. There are some remarkable men among the believers who have been true to the covenant they made with Allâh. There are some among them who fulfilled their vow (and fell martyrs). And there are others among them who are (still) waiting to fulfill. They have never changed (their minds, their conduct or stand they had taken) in the least.

24. (The Muslims were granted victory in this battle) so that Allâh may reward the truthful for their having been true (to their covenant) and that He may punish the hypocrites or turn to them in mercy whichever pleases Him. Allâh is Great Protector (against faults), Ever Merciful.

25. And Allâh drove the disbelievers back (from Madînah and they turned back) with fire of rage (and full of spite for the Muslims); they gained no good. And Allâh sufficed the believers in (their) fighting. Allâh is Ever Powerful, All-Mighty.

26. And He brought down from their strongholds those of the people of the Scripture (- the Jews of Madînah, the perfidious Banû Quraizâh) who had backed them (-the invading enemies). He inspired awful terror into their hearts (so much so that) some of them you were able to slay and others you could take as captives.

27. And He allowed you to inherit their land, their homes and their belongings. And He shall give you yet more lands (the land of Khaibar; and the land of the Persian and Roman Empires) on which you have not so far set your foot. And Allâh is Possessor of prudential power over all that He will.


28. O Prophet! say to your wives, `If you desire the present life and its beautiful things of adornment, come then, I will provide for you worldly provisions and allow you to depart in a handsome manner, a departing in kindliness.

29. `But if you choose (the good will of) Allâh and (of) this Messenger and (in this way prefer) the Abode of the Hereafter, then truly Allâh has prepared a great reward for the doers of good among you.'

30. O wives of the Prophet! if any of you be guilty of manifest improper conduct (-a conduct falling short of the highest standard of faith, as you are made an excellent model for others) you will receive punishment twice over. It is indeed easy for Allâh (to double your punishment).