About the Authors

Allâmah Noorudin

The interpreter of the Holy Qurân was a scholar of international fame and recognition. Five biographies have been written on his life. He is the author of over 15 books on Islam and comparative religion. His Arabic commentary (Tafsir) of the Holy Qurân, for the Arabic speaking readers, is being readied for the press.

In order to obtain the requisite feel of the language of the Holy Qurân, Allamah Noorudin spent many years in the Arabian desert. He lived in the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medinah and among the Arab beduins of Hijaz to learn the classic Qurânic Arabic. He was able to feel, hear, read, and write classical Arabic. His poetry and prose were superb.

He had not only collected and consulted the previous commentaries of the Holy Qurân, but had also gone back to the oldest and most reliable Arabic lexicons and poetry of the pre-Islamic era tp ascertain the real classical and root meanings of the Holy Qurân. He had an invaluable collection of books in his personal library, which was "One of the best personal Islamic libraries in the world." (Oriental Magazine).

Amatul Rehman Omer

The Holy Qurân thus explained and interpreted by Allahman Noorudin was rendered into English by Mrs. Amatul Rahman Omer. She is the FIRST WOMEN in Islamic history to translate the Holy Qurân into English. She was a scholar of the English and Arabic language. She was awarded several Gold and Silver medals from the University for her outstanding distinction and achievement in the Arabic language. She spent the most part of her life in teaching Arabic and English. She completed the translation in June 1990 and died a few days after the final revision on July 15, 1990, in Rheinfeldon, Germany. (May Allah be pleased with her and accept her work.)

Abdul Mannan Omer

Mrs. Omer was assisted in this difficult and monumental task of translation by her learned husband, Abdul Mannan Omer. For the later's erudition and knowledge of Arabic and Islamic studies, the fact alone, besides others, is a living testimony that for 25 years he had been the Editor of the "Encyclopedia of Islam", which includes more then 100 published articles of his own on Islam.