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About the translation

This easy to understand translation by a team of Muslim scholars is pure, simple, and very faithful to the Arabic text included in this translation.

It includes the Arabic text, Subject Index, Glossary, Introduction to the various topics of the Holy Qurân, Gold guilding and stamping to make it pleasing to the eye, leather-flex binding, and comes in a choice of Black (hard-bound), or Green (soft-bound.)

The rendering of the translation is in contemporary English and the style that includes words such as "doth" , "thou", and "hath" has been dropped. Clearness and ease of understanding are the main aims of the translation.

Special Features:

  • Handsomely produced
  • Golden guilt page edges
  • Golden stamping
  • Leather-flex binding
  • Satin ribbon placeholder
  • Hand written Arabic text
  • Special coated paper

Have you seen the oldest preserved copy of the Holy Qurân? Have a unique glimpse of its historical page printed in this special edition of the Holy Qurân.